One-stop Laboratoy Instruments and Comsumables - Servicebio!
Servicebio focus on pathological services and products for over 10 years.We provide full range of lab consumables(filter tips, centrifuge tube etc)and instruments(tissue homogenizer,centrifuge etc).
Universal Pipette tips filter and non-filter type ( Wuhan Servicebio Technology Co., Ltd. 中国 )
Universal Pipette tips, filter and non-filter type, 10ul, 20u, 100ul, 200ul, 1000ul, free from RNase and DNase, sterile. Matching with Eppendorf, Raining, Gilson, Dragon etc brand Pipette.

Centrifuge tubes ( Wuhan Servicebio Technology Co., Ltd 中国 )
Centrifuge tubes, 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10m, 15ml, 50ml, free from RNase and DNase, sterile. For sample storage, transportation, samples separating, centrifugation etc.

High-speed low-temperature tissue homogenizer ( Wuhan Servicebio Technology Co., Ltd 中国 )
新製品・新技術 実機展示・実演
High Speed Low-temperature Tissue Homogenizer, Speed Time Temperature Adjustable, Result controllable, -10-room temperature, 24 samples at same time, Reproducible result, Great safety.

Mini Centrifuge ( Wuhan Servicebio Technology Co., Ltd 中国 )
The mini centrifuge has the features of easy installation and rotor replacement without tool; low operating noise; exquisite fuselage, one touch operation.noise, stable performance.

Laboratory Consumables and Instruments ( Wuhan Servicebio Technologh Co., Ltd 中国 )
Full range of lab consumables and instruments, such as Universal Pipette Tips,Centrifuge Tubes,Adhesion Microscope Slide, Mini Centrifuge,Vortex Mixer, Shaker, Tissue Homogenizer etc.
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